D7 gets new themes - Corolla Theme for Core!

Yes it happens. Drupal 7 will not only rock the world of APIs, but also get a new shiny wrapping. Of three core candidate themes, two have still survived and have gotten pretty far along the road. These are the Bartik theme  and Corolla theme

The news that we - hopefully - get new themes could be very exciting. It all started with removing from core Bluemarine, Pushbutton, Marvin and Chameleon and detecting - there was only Garland left! The idea of having an almost completely rewritten Drupal with still the same theme from Drupal 5 was sufficiently horrible for the designers to start their engines.

Jen Simmons took the leap and boldly put Bartik into the issue qeue. Let's hear it for Jen - this was the crucial step. Motivated by that, Jarosław Foksa (Jarek) also showed some courage and dropped in Corolla.

When you look at the Corolla issue queue and the Bartik issue queue - well, you will notice some difference. Corolla only has three open issues, but Bartik at least thirty. So there is a lot more activity behind Bartik, and I am not worried it will make it into core.

But what about Corolla?Jarek is not as well known in the Drupal Community as Jen is - and so he has a harder time to get people behind the project. Also he did the bunch of the work by himself, which may not be the cleverest thing in the adventure park called Drupal issue queue. It once more taught me how you get things done in the issue queue, which I always like to refer to as the Tom Sawyer Principle : Try to raise interest in the issue, so you do not end up having to do it alone.

So if you are a designer or/and themer and you think that three themes in core are better than two - jump in and help out t get Corolla ready.



These are better than just about every commercial drupal theme. Fantastic work!

The best thing about this is that it will end once and for all that initial pessimism front end developers tend to feel when they first look at drupal. Theme quality and availability will rocket because there are core themes with a good taste.

Both themes looks nice, but ...
Bartik seems to be somehow unfinished.
Corolla looks just great, but has some issues under FF2

I really like Corolla and hope it makes it in. I'm using it for the Drupal Commerce demo site, and it works very nicely as a simple e-commerce theme. : )


Thanks for spreading the word. Brand new version of Corolla theme is coming soon and it will feature completely refreshed design and rewritten code. This will be 4th rewrite and hopefully the last one.

@Drupal Theme Garden
I haven't done any tests on Firefox 2 because of its low market share (1%), besides Mozilla is no longer supporting it (last security updates were done in 2008).

I suspect that most of the issues on Firefox 2 that you are experiencing are caused by inline-blocks. They can be easily solved by adding "display: -moz-inline-block" vendor extension.

@Ryan I'm happy to hear that Corolla works nicely with Drupal Commerce module. I was afraid about compatibility issues with third-party modules as they often rely on core stylesheets (which are disabled in this theme).

Ich habe auf Drupal 7 aktualisiert letzte Woche und ich finde es das benutzerfreundlichste Drupal Version. Vielen Dank für diesen hervorragenden Beitrag.