Drupal UI Report - Screencast of Admin Overlay latest news

--- Sorry for the missing video. After the upgrade to D7, it must have been lost. I did not find it on my Vimeo nor Youtube channel, but if I'll find it, I'll re-link it. ---

The actual state of the admin overlay with the new Admin Theme has exciting stuff. Some of this is already known to those who follow the UI reworking for Drupal 7, but some will definitely be new. This is hopefully going to become a regular Screencast series dedicated to all kinds of Drupal UI stuff. Themes, great Interfaces like in Open Atrium, and at the moment of course specifically D7UX. Check out the "special version" of Drupal 7 here via SVN: http://code.google.com/p/d7ux/source/checkout

Stay tuned!



 Hi, Just watched your presentation, great work. I could understand everythink even your german accent and hope strongly that your suggestions for the key administartion sections (site-configuration and Site-building) , will be listened and taken in consideration!

Thanks a lot, Regards

P.S. Da ich Össi bin wurde mich auch freuen über eine deutsche version! Servus


Thanks for the video and the walkaround. Wow impressive. This is a big usability improvement.

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This is very interesting. I was using Joomla for my websites, but I am now considering Drupal more and more.

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That is a very good video.